5 “southern heritage” is a series planned to give young people a feeling for, and an interest in, the area in which they live. Here is a scene from the shooting of “skyscraper, 1850 B.C.”, a programme about Stonehenge.

6 music is directed by Eric Winstone. Besides the musical programmes it takes from the network, the station has two of its own. Here is a moment in “take it easy”, a thrice weekly, lunch-time porgramme [sic] of light entertainment. In “the lythgoe touch”, Clive Lythgoe features well-loved works of great composers.

7 “sports club” has introduced professionals and amateurs from almost every sport followed in Britain — with a special emphasis on personalities from the South.

8 Southern Television’s determination to give viewers the best programmes of their kind has borne fruit in a unique arrangement with the old vic. This famous company will present twelve plays over a period of two years. Here is a scene from their first production, “The Empty Chair.”


Southern’s relations with its viewers must be as close as possible if the station is to be truly regional.

Probably nothing can do so much to this end as the Outside Broadcast Unit—going everywhere, being seen by everybody, getting people to participate in their television service.

People who appear regularly on the screen are in constant demand for opening fetes, judging beauty contests, talking to clubs and signing autographs. All these requests are carefully considered, and complied with whenever possible. It is always worthwhile to let people see their television favourites in the flesh.

No letter from a viewer, praising, criticising, or asking for information, goes unanswered.

Another facet of public relations is organising audiences for lunchtime shows. There is a growing waiting list of clubs, women’s institutes and other organisations all over the South. It is all part of the job of making people feel that Southern Television is their station.

1 Jim Dale and Janie Marden with some of the audience at the Lunchtime show, “Take it easy”.

2 Meryl O’Keeffe, one of the four station announcers, making a persona! appearance at a local speedway track.

3 The Outside Broadcast unit with all its equipment. In Southern’s first year this unit was responsible for over 120 outside broadcasts all over the area.