AMONG regional stations, Southern was first in a remarkable list of achievements.

FIRST to have a complete two camera news studio, used exclusively for newscasts. With the opening of the Dover transmitter four newscasts a day are scheduled—two from each station. Regional items are always included.

FIRST to secure an exclusive interview with Mr. Macmillan.

FIRST to send a sound camera unit abroad. Roy Rich headed a special news team which flew to Cyprus in November 1958, to interview men of southern regiments for “Southern Affairs”.

FIRST to send a unit to Russia. Cyril Ray, Russian-speaking journalist, covered Mr. Macmillan’s visit in February 1959.

FIRST to negotiate a series of plays to be performed by the Old Vic.

FIRST to do an outside broadcast from a liner.

FIRST to be awarded a satellite transmitter by the I.T.A. (The Dover Transmitter).