9 Clergymen of all denominations have delivered the daily religious Epilogue, “nightlight”. Here are some of them learning about the potentialities of T.V.

10 “swop shop” is the programme in which viewers exchange antiques and other objets d’art. Originally, the Duke of Bedford shared the proprietorship with Elizabeth Allan but now Anthony Kimmins has taken over.

11 “farm in the south” is a regular weekly programme designed to appeal equally to the strong farming community and the townsman. A. G. Street has his own feature in the show — “Street Corner”.

12 Jack Hargreaves, author, angler and curator of the Piscatorial Museum, writes and presents “gone fishing” — Southern’s regular programme designed for amateurs and experts.

13 “come gardening” is a thoroughly practical programme of help and advice. It is run by Joe Hill, who has impressive qualifications and a warm West Country voice.