John H Davis, chairman of Southern

The opening of a new television station presents great responsibilities and challenging opportunities to the contractor entrusted with its operation. I am sure I can say that, during the time that has elapsed since Southern Television began transmission on 30th August, 1958, our responsibilities have been honourably fulfilled and that we have made the best possible use of the exciting opportunities offered by the television medium.

Southern Television is already firmly established as part of the lives of hundreds of thousands of families in the South. We have gladly accepted the opportunity given us by the Independent Television Authority, in awarding us the Dover Transmitter, of bringing our programmes to thousands more homes in the South East. Our task has been to provide entertainment of a consistently high level and to cater for a large range of interests and tastes. This we have achieved and, in doing so, we have also amply justified the confidence of our advertisers.

Most important of all, however, we have created a television service which is deeply rooted in the area it serves. By a consistent policy of lively regional programmes we have set out from the very start of our operation to make Southern Television a regional station in more than name alone, and the loyalty our viewers have shown us in return is proof that we have succeeded.

The Southern Television team has done an outstanding job in its first year, and the pages which follow tell for themselves the story of how this adventurous undertaking has grown. I am sure that when you read them you will share my pride in what has been done and my confidence in a future full of promise for our station.